Shopping for items to re-purpose (or purpose) as home decor

repurposed items shopping hints thrift shops

This is the first blog entry for my new website, and actually my first blog entry ever.

At the risk of giving away trade secrets, I thought I would share more details about how and where I buy the materials I use to create the decor for sale on the site.

 It's probably no surprise that the local Goodwill store is a wonderful resource for other people's trash that can be turned into treasures. Items that I have found there, and at another local thrift shop that supports social services, Savers, have been transformed into clocks, lamps, and birdhouses.

The clock pictured above began life as a melmac appetizer plate, and the red glass lamp base looks like it was a container for olive oil! The birdhouse was a great find - the spire was broken off and the paint color was not very attractive, but it just needed a little paint and ornamentation.

Other places that I love to shop are antique malls and, of course, crafting supply stores. More on these to come...


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